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Handmade soaps created in small batches that nurture and moisturize your skin with delicious oils of palm, coconut and olive.

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"I have recently discovered the closeness of shaving with a double edged razor - you know the kind our grandpa likely used? They are cheap, sharp, and easy to use. The issue is finding the right shaving cream. I have used every type of shave cream in a can. Expensive Italian shave soap and a brush. The most expensive stuff at target. All of these leave me either bloody and/or irritated.
Then I tried Sudsy Mitten soap in the shower. There is no irritation. I lather up again and shave against the grain. There is no blood. I've never been able to shave against the grain before!
Your soap, even though it's not what it was intended for, is the best soap I've found for shaving.
I am officially addicted."


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Check out our gentle Baby Soap.

Made with lots of olive oil to soothe baby's precious skin.

Sudsy Mitten Soaps



Sudsy Mitten Soaps

We love a good party.
Check out our party soaps for weddings, bridal showers, baby showers or any party!


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Once you try handmade soap, you'll never go back.

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